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24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244

Making a splash on Oceans Day

24 June 2024

A splash of colour, creativity and environmental consciousness saw pupils at Lavender Lodge School take part in a special arts and crafts session to celebrate oceans on World Oceans Day.

This year, the awareness day focused on changing our relationship with the oceans to protect the future of the marine environment. In keeping with the theme, the children used recycled materials to craft colourful fish, jellyfish, and coral reefs. They also learnt about how recycling can help reduce ocean pollution, making a direct connection between their crafts and the broader environmental message.


Barbara Gonzalez, Deputy Head Teacher commented: 


“The day was filled with activities designed to educate pupils on the importance of recycling, the plight of endangered ocean animals, and the detrimental effects of ocean pollution. The arts and crafts session was the highlight of the day, where pupils had the opportunity to express their love for the ocean while learning about its current threats.”


How creative are they?

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