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24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244

Mr Nourish visits school

14 April 2023

Pupils from Lavender Lodge School welcomed the mascot of their new food company at lunchtime. Mr Nourish visited the children and encouraged them to eat fruits and vegetables.

During the session, everyone was excited to meet Mr Nourish and talk about their favourite meals. 

Since September, the school has introduced hot meals and eating together in the hall, where pupils have continued to make incredible progress, adapting to change, increasing their communication skills and socialising with peers from other classes. They have also been given the opportunity to order their food, try and taste new flavours and be more flexible around food choices.

Head Teacher Lorraine Titchener shared:

"The introduction to Nourish and lunchtime in the hall has been a game changer for our pupils. The variety of foods has supported them to become more flexible, and lunchtimes are a lot more pleasant and positive."

One pupil commented: 

"This is the best pasta I have ever had. Can I have the recipe, please?"


Pupils meet Mr Nourish

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