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24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244

Zoo visits Lakeside School

02 October 2020

Budding zoologists from Lakeside School recently welcomed Boo’s Petting Zoo, an animal handling experience company to join pupils in their lesson.

Some of the animals involved in the visit were two enormous albino pythons, a gecko, a barn owl called Faith, a meerkat, a skunk and a tarantula called Rose.  

The pupils were given the opportunity to handle the animals and the member of staff from Boo’s Petting Zoo, shared facts about life expectancy, diet, offspring, animal care (if any of the pupils fancied getting one as a pet) and lots of other interesting facts. 

Pupil, Kai commented:

“She is so fluffy and white, not heavy at all.  I would love to take her home.”

Can you guess which of the animals he is talking about?

They certainly are a brave bunch! Well done everyone. 

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