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24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244

Pupils enlightened by forensics workshop.

04 January 2024

Road Safety Week at Hall Cliffe School was full of learning opportunities thanks to West Yorkshire Police's Forensic Collision Investigation Unit, who facilitated a workshop.

Focusing on road safety and investigating road traffic collisions, pupils were shown the specific equipment used to log and record the scene. Getting hands-on, they then collected the data, adding it to a computer program, which enabled them to understand how fast vehicles were travelling. In this instance, the Forensic Unit recreated a scene they had attended previously, and using their new found skills, pupils were supported to work out who was at fault.

Careers Lead Vicky Hargreaves commented:

"I would like to thank Andy and Keith from West Yorkshire Police Collision Investigation Unit for giving our learners the opportunity to find out about 'crash investigation.' Not only did the learners get to investigate an 'accident', they also found out about the job role, qualifications needed, starting salaries, bonuses and progression pathways.

One pupil stated:

"Before today, I was unsure of which career I would like to work towards; now, I would love to work for the police, doing something similar to what the Forensics Team does."

What an exciting opportunity. Great work, everyone.

Road Safety Week

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