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24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244

Vision shared by pupils and staff

18 September 2020

Pupils and staff from Dovetree School have been busy using the Planning Alternatives Hope for Tomorrow (PATH) process to realise a school vision. The creative planning tool allows a team to create a shared vision of a positive future, and draws on people’s ability to visualise different futures and to plan backwards from a future vision or dream, and tell stories about how that vision can come to life.

The team initially created the ‘Dovetree Dream’ consisting of ideas and activities which would make Dovetree their dream school. Following this, six realistic and possible targets were developed, which will be a key focus of the school development plan. These development ideas will be driven forward by pupils with the support of staff.

Head Teacher, Georgia Guy commented:

It was really positive to see all the staff and pupils working together to develop the school vision, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the process. We were all proud of the pupils, who spent the afternoon contributing to the process and have shared many fantastic ideas.

Staff described the new vision as:


 A fresh perspective on teaching.

 It’s clear to see that we are all pulling together in the same direction.

Dovetree proudly share their vision.

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