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A 'matter' of facts

29 September 2023

Pupils from Chilworth House Upper School kick-started the new term with a fun-filled day of science experiments, learning about the three states of matter; solid, liquid and gas.

The lesson featured hands-on demonstrations, from throwing bouncy balls to squiring tomato ketchup and toothpaste, solidifying their understanding of the properties associated with each state.

Science Lead, Donna Peace commented:

“Our pupils discussion and feedback to questions were quite remarkable.”

Donna further added:

“When I asked the class why non-newtonian fluids are difficult to classify, one pupil told me it depended on the pressure, and went on to articulate it so well that I told him I would not be able to elaborate on this any further - he had just given his whole class a perfect explanation! Both year 7 groups were an absolute pleasure to teach.”

Sounds like we have some aspiring scientists on our hands. Keep up the good work.

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