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24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244
Chilworth House Upper School

Nathaniel’s Story

“Nathaniel has now blossomed into a young man who has a great sense of focus and is a source of inspiration”

Headteacher, Chilworth House Upper School
27 April 2021

Nathaniel’s Story

Nathaniel joined Chilworth House Upper School with speech, language and communication needs and associated behavioural difficulties including difficulties with following instructions. He struggled to develop and maintain positive relationships with peers and would often remove himself from situations where interactions with others would take place. The local primary school he attended reported that he was increasingly controlling, only attending school on his own terms and when things didn’t go his way he would abscond. As a result of his behaviour, he was excluded from school, making it even more difficult for him to make friends and access education.


Although his communication was a barrier to learning, staff could see the keen interest and potential Nathaniel had in subjects such as Maths, Science & Geography. The team worked with him to build his confidence and focus through individualised curriculum support and guidance.

In addition, Nathaniel also accessed therapeutic input to help manage his anger and aggression which enabled him to build friendships with peers.


Entering Year 11, Nathaniel became increasingly anxious about leaving school and it was agreed by the local authority to extend his placement to prepare him to integrate into a mainstream provider in his local area. With this agreement in place, Nathaniel started to focus further and with extra support in place on examination techniques he achieved great results in both his core and additional subjects.

The Nathaniel that joined us has now blossomed into a young man who has a great sense of focus and is a source of inspiration to his peers and the younger pupils at the school. As he prepares to enter college to further his academic journey, the confident and talented person he has become is now ready to take on the next chapter and challenge.

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