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24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244
Bridgeway School

Lance’s Story

“The once disengaged young man can now be found attending school with excitement and intrigue.”

Headteacher, Bridgeway School
27 April 2021

Lance's Story

Lance’s experience of school wasn’t that great. He found making friends a real struggle, communication was a skill he had not yet mastered and social situations were isolating and confusing. All this contributed to him being placed in different schools that all resulted in the same outcome, a placement breakdown and him feeling let down and hurt. With the gaps in education increasing and subsequently eight months of refusing to attend school, it was decided that Bridgeway School’s experience and expertise would be the place where learning could come to life for the boy who clearly had great potential.


The initial aspiration for Lance was for him to attend school and get used to the learning environment and routine. The staff team saw a young man who could reach great heights and armed with the knowledge that he was passionate about music and drumming, they used this to help him transition to Bridgeway.

Lance was given access to the music room so that he could explore and develop his musical talents and it was a space that he could go to when he felt anxious or was in need of a break.

To further support Lance and enable him to engage with learning, our mental health practitioner and speech and language therapist put into place a planned programme to provide teaching and support staff with strategies to help him.


The once disengaged young man can now be found attending school with excitement and intrigue. The anxieties of learning have been shed away as he mixes in class with friends and is now working towards a number of qualifications. The boy who found social situations too overwhelming can be found laughing and actively taking part in the school community, where he plays sports, enjoys school trips and supports a local care home by visiting with other staff and pupils.

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