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24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244
Oakwood Children's Home

Jake's Story

“Jake now has a great sense of focus and determination.”

30 April 2021

Jake's Story

Jake was inclined to display high-risk and aggressive behaviours resulting in the breakdown of multiple education and care placements. Many schools and care placements were reluctant to offer the young man a placement as they were unable to safely manage his high levels of risk taking resulting in him feeling loss and rejected.


Jake was then referred to Oakwood Children’s Home and after an initial assessment, the staff team could clearly see that Jake was an articulate, funny and caring young man. The holistic environment and location of the Oakwood setting, along with the structure and coping strategies set up to support young people to develop, was the ideal environment for him to gain his confidence and thrive.

A personalised programme was put in place by the staff team, which included setting achievable goals that would help him to develop an understanding of his behaviours and manage his emotions. Staff taught Jake to articulate himself without outwardly displaying the risk taking behaviours and offered alternative coping strategies to allow him the opportunity to have a sense of achievement.


Through the dedication and work of the integrated team at Oakwood, Jake has truly settled and is happy in his surroundings and is now exceeding all projected academic targets. He has a great sense of focus and determination, in his spare time he now enjoys taking part in rugby practice at a local club, which has proved to be a great success.

Jake’s time at Oakwood is coming to a successful end and plans are now in place for him to leave the home and live independently in his home town where he will continue to grow and achieve his life ambitions.

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