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24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244
Oakwood ViewChildren's Home

Ben's Story

“Ben has blossomed into an intelligent and knowledgeable young man."

30 April 2021

Ben's Story

Ben found himself in the company of people that were not the best influence on him which caused his parents great concern for his welfare and safety resulting in him being placed into a residential home before moving to Oakwood View Children’s Home


Following Ben’s initial assessment with staff from Oakwood View, it was clear that Ben was an open, honest, polite and driven young boy, who had unfortunately been influenced by the wrong crowd, causing him to adhere to peer pressure. Staff believed that Oakwood View was the perfect environment for Ben where he could have a new lease of life to achieve great things.

Once Ben arrived, staff were able to tailor an incentive scheme to meet his needs, offering an extensive activity plan that explored his interests and hobbies. He then began a placement plan geared towards intervention work around substance misuse and staff also encouraged Ben to focus on rebuilding relationships with his family.


Fast forward to now, two years after joining Oakwood View Ben has blossomed into an intelligent and knowledgeable young man. He has rebuilt relationships with those close to him, spending valuable time with family, which has ultimately resulted in Ben being in a position to move back home with his mother on completion of his education.

Academically Ben has excelled in his passion for joinery and woodwork, gaining qualifications and completing work experience that has enabled him to secure an apprenticeship when he leaves Oakwood View. He’s well on his way to carving a future full of promise.

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