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24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244

Power of Great Teacher - Andrew

02 February 2024

Teachers can be life changing role models for students and we want to celebrate their journey's and successes to demonstrate that teaching is such a rewarding career and one that is incredibly rewarding too!

Andrew Teacher


Andrew is an Assistant Head Teacher at our Chilworth House Upper School.


What/who inspired you to become a teacher?

I was inspired by my two PE teachers from Secondary School. They were fantastic role models who I looked up to and enhanced my love for sport. It just looked like an amazing job role to do!


How was your first day as a teacher?

I actually can’t remember my very first day as a teacher. During my time at Witherslack Group I’ve worked my way up from being a Teaching Assistant through to Assistant Head and was teaching/covering lessons before qualifying as a teacher so I don’t have memories of that first day! 


What made you choose to focus on teaching at a SEN school rather than a mainstream?

This is the only school I’ve worked in! A friend recommended me the job role 11 and a half years ago as he knew I was looking to get into education and I haven’t looked back since! My only experience of mainstream was on my teacher training placement but that even got cut short due to covid. I really enjoyed that experience but I think the variety of my job role and working closely with the young people makes me want to stay in SEN.


From your teaching experience so far, what advice would you give to someone thinking of also becoming a teacher?

Building positive relationships with all young people and being able to wipe the slate clean when barriers have been put up and pushed by the young people. Going the extra mile to show the young people they’re safe and you care.


What is one Huge Small Victory you’ve had during your time at Chilworth House Upper school?

Giving the young people work experience opportunities to see them flourish and believe in themselves.


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