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Supporting the SENCO: Transition planning for pupils

26 April 2022

A webinar with Claire Cookson, Chief Executive Officer for the DFN Charitable Foundation and DFN Project SEARCH offering practical advice on preparing and supporting neurodiverse pupils for employment.


Supporting the SENCO: Transition planning for pupils

This webinar has now taken place and recording will be available soon. 

We have teamed up with the DFN Charitable Foundation to offer a webinar for SENCOs and teaching professionals on transition planning for pupils. In the webinar, Claire will look at on the move from education to employment with a focus on:

  • How and why we should prepare learners with SEND for employment from primary onwards?
  • How can therapeutic interventions support this transition process?
  • Where can we find best-practice curricular and resources that support this?
  • What is the health, social and economic impact of living a lifetime of unemployment?
  • What does a best practice Transition to an Employment programme of study look like and how can we access it?
  • What is vocational profiling and how can that be used to raise aspiration?
  • What is job coaching and how can this be funded?

With a deep dive into DFN Project SEARCH programme of study data, we will celebrate and learn from the incredible employment outcomes of over 1,600 learners with learning disabilities, autism spectrum conditions or both.

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