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Back to school

17 September 2021

We have put together a series of free resources, including webinars and downloads, to support a child's transition back to school. Sign up to receive our wide range of support materials put together by experts in the field of SEN.

By registering for our Back to School campaign you will be given access to a wide range of support materials. 

The series covers important topics such as: 

  • Back to school top tips
  • Mental health - discussing the challenges of returning to school 
  • Understanding and managing anxiety 
  • Keeping the brain engaged - mind and body exercises
  • Preparing your child for transitions 
  • First week back to school 
  • Getting your child ready for school 
  • Building happiness and contentment 
  • Good sleep habits 
  • Tips for learning and motivation 

If you would like a digital flyer to share with your contacts or if you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact Clare on

Click here to get your pack for free
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