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24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244
24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244

Supporting Your Child

We've put together a Support Pack filled with advice and guidance so you can empower your child on their mental health and well-being journey.

What Is Mental Health?

Every child is unique and mental health difficulties can present in many ways. Recognising the unique needs of neurodiverse children is fundamental in supporting their mental well-being, and influencing their emotional, social, and cognitive development.

How To Support Your Child

Creating a supportive and nurturing environment, promoting open communication, and fostering strong connections with you, their friends and teachers are key components in promoting positive mental health outcomes for children.

What Are The Signs?

Children may show various responses to mental health challenges, such as anxiety, depression, social withdrawal, anger, and low resilience. Physical symptoms like headaches, fatigue, digestive problems, insomnia, restlessness, and difficulty concentrating may also arise. 

Exploring Mindfulness

Mindfulness is an exercise that is practiced to make you feel fully present and engaged in the current moment. It involves paying attention to your thoughts and feelings without judgment, accepting them as they are, and feeling more in-tune with your body, breathe and the environment.

Mindfulness Activities

Looking for mindful activities and exercises to support your child's mental well-being? Download our '5 Mindfulness Activities', created by Bethany Dyke, Assistant Psychologist for our Group.

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Managing Well-Being

One of the most important strategies to help manage the mental well-being of your family is to encourage checking in on each other, allowing time for everyone to talk through their difficulties and ensuring everyone feels equally listened to and understood.

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